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Official enrolment forms are available from the school's office at any time or via the links above. Following the completion of this enrolment form, an interview will be required with the Principal. All prospective students are expected to be present at the interviews. The interview is an essential part of the enrolment process. Implicit in the acceptance of an enrolment is the willing compliance by both students and parents, with the expectations and standards set by the school.students

As a Catholic Primary School, wherever possible, we attempt to accept children who are transferring in from other Catholic Schools. However, in keeping with the enrolment policy of this school, non-Catholic students are welcome on the grounds that they are committed to the values of the Catholic Church and are willing to take part in all school activities, including Religious Education and Mass.

In addition to the information contained in the Enrolment Form, parents should notify the School of:

  • Reports from previous schools attended

  • Details of anything out of the ordinary in respect of the child's health e.g. any special hazards to be aware of, special needs, treatments, allergies

  • Details of any disability, impairment or syndrome the child has

  • Details of any special medication to be taken while at school

  • Reasons why the child can not participate in sporting activities

  • Any reasons why the student's performance may be impaired

For the school to cater for the child's educational needs, parents need to be frank and open with these matters. If a child comes from another school, parents will be expected to sign a form allowing all educational information from the previous school to be sent to St Teresa's School.

For more information on enrolling your child and relevant documents, visit the Catholic Education website


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