Enrolment at St Teresa's



The enrolment application procedure is a relatively simple process. Parents can contact the school for an enrolment package. Once the enrolment form and supporting documents have been collated and returned to the school, an enrolment interview involving the parents and child, will be organised with the Principal or the Assistant Principal.

Enrolment enquiries and applications are welcome at any time.

Step 1:

Submit a Confidential Online Application for Enrolment
Provide other documents as listed on the Parent Checklist ie Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate if applicable for each child. For Year 1 – 6 Enrolments include a copy of the most recent school report. All new Families to St Teresa’s Parish School are required to pay a non-refundable Administration Fee of $20.00

Click here to access our Online Enrolment Application Form

Step 2 The School responds
The School will acknowledge receipt of your application and advise you of anything else required to assist in considering the application.
Step 3 An interview is arranged
All enrolments to St Teresa’s Parish School must have an enrolment interview with the Principal or the Principal’s nominee. An Application for Enrolment must be completed by the parents or the legal guardians and all other documents as required to be submitted prior to the interview.

Enrolments for the next year are normally finalised by November. For any further information contact the School by phone (4097 6173) or email (secretary.ravenshoe@cns.catholic.edu.au).



Catholic schools are committed to fostering cultures of inclusion that respond to the educational needs of students regardless of their abilities, backgrounds and aspirations. This commitment to inclusive practices is supportive of both Church teaching and legislative requirements.

Under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1992), the Disability Standards for Education (2005) seek to ensure that education is made accessible to students with disabilities. Specifically the Standards address enrolment, participation, curriculum, student services and the elimination of harassment and victimization.

Enrolment of students with special needs is facilitated through the Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students requiring Significant Educational Adjustments. This process encourages all participants in the education process (parents, students, teachers, school leadership, student services representatives) to share as partners, the responsibility for successful outcomes for all students. The process seeks to reveal and clarify the characteristics of the learner and to assess the adjustments for accessing learning and the implications of these for the school, the family and the student.

St Teresa’s school community has access to Catholic Education’s advisory teachers, speech language pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, learning support teachers, student counsellors and Indigenous education officers, and can also collaborate with a range of external agencies to enhance support of the individual needs of students.

For more information on enrolling your child and the relevant documents, visit the Catholic Education website


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